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Ashleigh Forehand was born in Athens, Georgia in 1998, but she moved too Roanoke, Virginia at a young age and spent most of her childhood there. Ashleigh has a 20 year old brother and a ten year old sister. Growing up, she moved around a lot in Virginia and a few years ago, her family settled in Tallahassee. In her family’s house, you can find her parents, siblings, and her pets. Ashleigh loves animals and cares for three cats and a dog at home. This was a fortunate move for Ashleigh because even when her family still lived in Virginia, she had a desire to attend Florida State. Ashleigh Forehand has wanted to attend Florida State for years, but that wish is not necessarily what prepared her for making such a smooth transition to a new environment with 40,000 students and mostly new faces. The college transition is not always easy and students often…show more content…
Before her family moved from Virginia to Florida, they moved around in Virginia, a lot. In a span of five years, Ashleigh attended five different schools. The ability to adapt to new surroundings without much trouble is a very important skill to have and will help Ashleigh be successful in all of her life. The same skill that made her transition from high school to college an easy transition will also make her transition from college to the workforce an easy one. Ashleigh will be successful for the rest of her life because since such a young age, she has understood why people struggle in the hard situations they find themselves in. At Florida State, Ashleigh has found a lot of interest in the Family and Child Science program while her major is Exploratory. While Ashleigh isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do in the field of family and child sciences, I know she will do a great job because she will understand a lot of the uncomfortable situations children face when they find themselves far outside of their comfort
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