Ashleigh Pfeifer Character Analysis

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Faced between mom and dad what will Ashleigh do? Ashleigh did not take the money because her mom was a good role model,she spends more time with mom, and she will make the right choice.throughout the story Ashleigh makes great choices,likes being around her dad and does not talk much. Ashleigh mom is a great role model throughout the story. An example of this is, with mom there are a lot of rainy days and she takes a grim sort of pleasure in being ready for them (Pfeifer 1),The flashlight with working batteries for a black out. The extra quarters when the laundry isn't dry.(Pfeifer 1)This shows that Ashleigh's mom is ready for anything.but ashes are cold ,grey,dead things mom yelled(Pfeifer 1) all these quotes show that Ashleigh mom is a caring,great mom taught her right. Ashleigh is by her mom more often and her mom is a good role model so Ashleigh must have picked up on that stuff to. Hes unexpectedly there like a warm day in january.(Pfeifer 1) The key world in this quote is unexpectedly and that means not that offton.Id been seeing him tuesdays for almost two years at this point.(Pfeifer 1) This quote shows that he is not around any other day so she does not seem him,he's a rescuer.(Pfeifer 1) This small quote means that when he comes…show more content…
Her name is Ashleigh mom shouted that's just my nickname for her.(Pfeifer 1) Ashleigh made a wonderful choice my not getting involved if she did it could've made the fight worse.The rice -pudding test long forgotten (Pfeifer 4).she did not complain about it do her dad. Which if she would have it could've made things go bad for her later on.Why would she make a bad choice at the end if she made all these other good
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