Ashleigh's Ashes

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Dreamers are meant to dream, and thinkers are meant to live practical lives. In the story, Ashleigh (Ashes) is the only child of a divorced couple. The father was a dreamer and the mother was a level headed woman who made practical decisions. The father was in need of $200 in order to be set for life, but the only way to get it was by taking it from her mom unknowingly. Ashes took the $200 from the teapot because she loved her dad more, it would have been paid back in a day, and it would set her dad on the path to success. One of the reasons why Ashes took the $200 was because she loved her dad more. In the article it said, “and I realized he still called me Ashes, where mom couldn’t hear him to be annoyed. And that made me feel special all over again. Mom might never be caught without batteries or tissues, but she just called me Ashleigh - a name she didn’t even like and never promised me anything.” (Pg. 1) Her dad has a special part of him that made her feel special but her mom…show more content…
Another reason why Ashes took the $200 was because it would be paid back in a day. In the article it said, “no I just thought maybe you could borrow the money. Just for a day or two, until I straighten out all my finances. Your mother would never know the difference. Unless there’s an earthquake or the Martians invade.” (Pg. 4) Her dad would pay back the $200 and Ashes’ mom would never notice as long as there was no disaster. In the article it said, “ I’d be borrowing money from you. And I swear to you, Ashes, I’d have the money in your hands by Friday at the latest.” (Pg. 4) He swore to Ashes he would pay it back by friday and he didn’t make a promise if he knew he would not be able to keep it. In the article it also said, “Thursday night when your mom is out, I’ll give you back what I owe you. No earthquakes, no Martians, no problem.” (Pg. 4) He would be able to pay Ashes back by Thursday without her mom knowing. In conclusion, Ashes took the $200 because it would be paid
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