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The world saw him as a treat, marching protest leader, an activist, representative, and a civil rights leader. With a different insight of how the social structure and equality should be brought to justice for all. However, some of his greatest messages, achievements, and heroic stands were not preached from the mountaintop before millions in Washington, D.C. Instead days before I walked into his church looking for the civil rights leader, but I got a preacher. A preacher who just been assassinated in 1968, he had a sermon that reminded people that color should not be a factor in human life. For so long I lecture, for so long I preach, for so long I dream that the magnificence of equality is not a far away from our children and they’re children. That unity, unity, hope, and justice will be common among us. I am Ashley Rivera and I was a part of the million-man march. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired me; he was a man who was…show more content…
February 1960, a group of students started a sit-in movement in North Carolina. These brave students would sit in a racially segregated lunch counters and receive physical and verbal abuse. I sat outside watching the violence go on and wrote an article to be published the next day. They fear of Change They fear for what they do not understand, they do not understand why young African Americans as risking their lives for freedom. They discover the group of African Americans sitting in a white’s only counter and they’re not fighting back. With all the angry at the world to react these young adults restraint themselves in a hostile environment and received a very harsh beating. With a limited amount of consciousness, they all stood up and looked at all the individuals who took part of the hatred and smile. With just a smile, they won, because they could not understand, why they did not react. By: Ashley Rivera
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