Ashok And Balram Analysis

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In the book The White Tiger written by Aravind Adiga an development of the relationship of Ashok and Balram takes place. Balram is a servant of Ashok, who is the son of the Stork. He is one of the Four Animals, the four landlords that control Laxmangarh. Balram describes Ashok as a very gentle and kind man, kind to everyone, even his servants and drivers.(p.38) This is remarkable because Ashok is his master so to say. The relationship between Balram and Ashok is different than most master-servants connections. Balram is very satisfied with his position as driver and servant. He is very proud to wear a uniform and is pleased to have a good supply of food and a covered room for shelter. Although he is an servant he truly enjoys his life, this is also due to that Ashok treats him with respect which is mostly uncommon. In the beginning Balram is already satisfied with his situation with Ashok however it’s not yet that they’ve got a real connection. Ashok treats him with respect because he has lived in New York for a time which has grown him more soft in the master-slave treatment. After a while they both start to feel a kind of connection between each other. Unlike other members of Ashok’s family, Ashok immensely trusts Balram. Balram strongly feels responsible for Ashok his life and even a kind of possessive. (p. 38) Seen this feeling of responsibility that Balram has, the respect that Ashok has for his servants and all their interactions they seem like a good duo from both
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