How Did Buddhism Influence Ashoka's Life

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Buddhism being the most influential force in Ashoka’s life (as evident from most of the historical texts about him) shaped most the Edicts likewise which encouraged mankind to enjoy and practice generosity, kindness, morality and many more not only this he also tried to achieve a just society through all his practices. Rock Edict XIII being one of the important of all Edicts reflects a lot about the acts of kindness as explained in Ashoka Dhamma. As one can easily see how after the Kalinga war hundreds and thousands of people and animals lost their lives and a lot were carried away captive which is not acceptable by all those practicing dhamma and a deep remorse is shown towards the loss as it it considered to be painful and serious. In Ashoka’s dhamma people from all the religion and class are seen equally as it is not considered to be a religion rather a list of principles people should abide by,
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it is said by Ashoka himself a country will not exist if communities with different interests are not there in the country. Not only the people living inside the boundaries of kingdom can enjoy this but it also includes all the tribes and people living in forest which tell us that if anyone tries to follow evil practices (as explained by Ashoka) will give the right to ruler to punish them and the punishment will be equal for all, talking of punishment in Ashoka’s Dhamma punishments are not meant to be harsh and if it is possible to forgive the person committing crimes and evil practices they should be forgiven, killing a person for his misdeed is the least acceptable punishment one can give hence giving respect to the life of all the creatures(human beings as well as animals). Rock Edict XIII explains how everyone is encouraged to be equal towards people from all the sections of society and should respect everyone.Conquest by dhamma is considered to be the best by Ashoka instead of conquest by war as it results in loss of life which is considered to
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