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ASHOKA’S DHAMMA Angad Singh (Reg. No. 13BMA0053), Bangalore Morarji School of Mechanical Engineering VIT University Abstract: This review is to understand the principles of Ashoka’s Dhamma. Why dhamma was so important and a need in that time and what led to the reasons to the start of such an ethical approach of Dhamma which did not focus on any particular religion or class of society but to all the people as a whole leading the people of Emperor Ashoka’s to peace and harmony .but the importance of Ashoka’s Dhamma is questionable and how much is it or can it be followed in today’s world is a big question mark What is dhamma? Dhamma is a set of edicts which laid down the foundation of a policy of the…show more content…
Ashoka had only a few options to maintain the structure of his empire that was either by force—which meant to incur huge expenses—or to define a set of social norms which would be acceptable to all social practices and religious beliefs.[15][16] Ashoka was well aware of the tensions which the heterodox sects—Buddhism, Jainism and Ajiviksim—had generated in society. They were all opposed to the domination of the Brahmans and had a growing number of supporters. But Brahmans continued to control society and hostility was inevitable. Thus it became necessary to find out a way to maintain peace and mutual trust among the people of various backgrounds in the empire was .[15][16] There were many areas within the empire where neither the Brahmanical system or the heterodox sects prevailed. Ashoka referred to the country of Yavanas, where neither Brahmanical nor Sramanical culture were in vogue. In many tribal areas, people were unfamiliar with Brahmanical or heterodox ideas. To make the empire survive and to bring some cohesion within the empire in the midst of this diversity, some common patterns of behaviour and common approaches to the society 's problems were…show more content…
he considered such sacrifices as a waste which led people to the false path of superstitions which were usually baseless . To put these policies to action and even to spead them king Ashoka appointes a special group of people called as the Dhammamahamattas.This group of people was supposed to carry out a number of duties like to keep an overall check such that people of all sects , castes and religions are treated equally and fairly. Not only for the common people but they were even asked to look after the well being of prisoners. Many convicts—who were kept in fetters after their sentence had expired—were to be released. Those sentenced to death were to given grace for three days. Ashoka also started Dhamma yatras. Ashoka , along with his men used to go to various trips in his empire ,in order to spread the message and knowledge of Dhamma . This way he connected more to people through direct contact and better relate to the griviences of the people of his empire thus being better informed about the state of his empire [19]

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