Ashoka Film Analysis

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Evaluate a Historical Film for how it teaches history through drama, setting and costume.

Ashoka The Movie

In Ashoka movie directed by Santosh Sivan and produced by Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla. The movie starred Shahrukh Khan, Ajith Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Danny Denzongpa, Rahul Dev and Hrishita Bhatt.
This movie taught us about Ashoka’s administration, his personality, The Battle Of Kalinga and his step towards Buddhism.
Ashoka 's empire was divided into viceroyalties—Takshashila in the north and Ujjain in central India.
In beginning of his reign, Ashoka was a great ruler. He had a superb court and was never influenced by wrong advice. Ashoka loved to go hunting.
Battle of Kalinga
There was
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The effect of the massacre on Ashoka 's mind was so tremendous that it brought about a change of heart. He was sorry for his actions. This battle killed the 'soldier ' in Ashoka and he embraced Buddhism. These vows, nevertheless, allowed him to discharge his kingly duties while at the same time he could be a monk. Ashoka obeyed the Buddhist laws. Buddhism is one of the great religions of the world. What makes it really important is the fact that it originated in India. With the efforts of Buddhist monks and the state patronage provided by Indian kings like Ashoka The Great, this religion spread to countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and China. It was Ashoka who made it possible to spread the teachings of the Buddha beyond the Indian peninsula. He was one of the main patrons in spreading Buddhism. He built the `stupas ' at Takshashila and…show more content…
A few months later, princess Kaurwaki and prince return to Kalinga with Bheema and have the prime minister executed. Ashoka declares war on Kalinga, not knowing that Kaurwaki is alive. Kaurwaki still does not know that Ashoka is Pawan, and both sides prepare for war.
A terrible war is fought in Kalinga. The Maurya army inflicts a crushing defeat on Kalinga. General Bheema is slain and Kaurwaki is wounded. Ashoka later visits the battlefield, where he discovers his horse, who was supposed to be in Kaurwaki 's possession. He searches for Kaurwaki and finds her. They have a heart-to-heart talk and he apologizes deeply for his actions. He is interrupted by Arya, who is dying after being hit with arrows. With Arya dying in his arms, Ashoka suddenly realizes that everyone, are all dead because of him. His grandfather 's advice about the sword was right.
The film ends with Ashoka throwing the sword at the same spot his grandfather had thrown it and embracing Buddhism. The final narrative describes how Ashoka not only built a large empire, but spread Buddhism and the winds of peace through it.

The plot was good I and the scenes were fantastic. I would give this a movie a score of

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