Analysis Of A World Without Ageism

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Defining the word "ageism" can be a difficult task as this word means many things to many different people. The reality of the situation is that ageism is a unique and personal concept that depends on the perspectives any given person or group of people may maintain about the idea of growing or become old in society. I personally believe that ageism is best defined as any form of hesitation or skepticism about one 's abilities or competence in something just because they are of a certain age. This is a broad definition but the problem of ageism is a broad problem at the same time. The doubt and misinformation that has been cast upon the elderly in the United States in particular has ostracized and marginalized an entire population of people that is growing rapidly in recent years due in large part to the aging of the Baby Boomer generation into senior citizenship.…show more content…
Applewhite begins her speech by explaining early on how there are actually many older people who have active lives that society tends to ignore because we lump this population into generalized stereotypes about the elderly that we oftentimes unknowingly retain. Applewhite points out how she met with employees at grocery stores and merchants in communities that she has traveled to who are over the age of 80 and who have no plans to retire from their jobs. The value that these people get from life and the appreciation they have from these active contributions impressed the speaker and resonates with the audience in a personal
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