Asia Pulp And Paper Case Study

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Asia Pulp and Papers is an established group in China (, 2014). They have recently opened their paper manufacturing unit in Bali, Indonesia. The unit is based up in the location in view of abundance of trees and lesser cost of labour. The company utilizes resources from Bali’s local suppliers and employs local residents of the island as the work force to work on paper making machines. The company invested good amount of its existing revenue in automating the process wherever possible. They have set-up the needed machinery in their manufacturing plant which turns pulp into paper. The company also has advanced mechanisms to achieve variation in the width of the product. They have very thin tissue papers made with environment-friendly techniques and the very thick ones that are used for academic and presentation purposes (, 2014). Using of the machinery needs technical skill though. The company has employed 20 local workers from Bali to work in their plant. 10 of them are responsible to bring the…show more content…
The decision that is made in the specific instance decides the further course of action. Very often, the decisions are made on short-term perspective. They appear favourable temporarily but lack the potential of ruling out the problem forever. On the other hand, there are decisions which are carefully made after long thought. These are long-term aiming though appearing unfavourable momentarily. What proves best depends a lot on the current circumstances of a business or an individual. SWOT analysis helps with decision making. It reflects upon the problem situation clearly, and works as an aid to weigh the factors that are important. With a careful analysis, it is rather easy to turn the crisis to opportunity. All problems thus have solutions through a strong decision which must be made after careful analysis, under no hasty

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