Asian American Racism

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Asians are educated in multiple languages at the same time being compared to some Americans who only know one language. Asians seem to be more educated, because they are required to know more than Americans. Asians are educated to live up to a high standard to rise above the line that does not exist. For example, Omatsu explains the roller coaster road of changes of Asian American neoconservatives through social movement and the struggle of racism in America since 1965. Everyone knows what it is like to be bullied seems to always find another way they can be accepted by a group. Therefore, Omatsu says, “… For them, racism lies in the realm of attitudes and “culture” and not institutions of power. Thus, they emphasize individual advancement as the way to overcome racism “(Omatsu p 210). Asian Americans have dealt with the stress of racism, and rising above the racist label with tests, grades, and education that creates a new problem with parenting their kids. Asians have been mistreated in the past, and now have a strong need to rise above the stereotype of their race by advancing in education by using their talent. This includes Asian parents pushing their kids to be the best in their class. “They believe that people of color can rise through merit, which they contend can be measured objectively through tests, grades, and educational attainment”(Omatsu p 210). The problem with this is that down the road someone’s child is going to rebel against their “Tiger Mom”, because
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