Asian American Student Stereotypes

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America has long been recognized as the melting pot of the world—people of all backgrounds, races, and cultures have come together and mixed, while remaining distinct. Because of this, people of the United States have begun to treasure the diversity of multiculturalism and placed a larger emphasis on cultural differences. These perceived cultural differences have also lead to the formation of generalizations and stereotypes about specific races within the mixed community of Americans. These stereotypes can be directly and indirectly brought into daily life. They can affect whether or not a person of a specific race gets a job offer, can qualify for a home loan, and even how well students of specific races do in school. The ability of the student is a main factor in how well they do, but their environment and how they are perceived is also a big contributing factor. In a situation…show more content…
A common concept that is studied relating to this topic is how the model minority stereotype affects not only the Asian American race that models it, but also other races like African Americans who are negatively affected by this. How exactly do typical stereotypes of Asian American students and African American students have differing effects on their academic achievement? Through a thorough one year ethnographic study within Oakland Technical High School, I will be attempting to address this issue of the connection between stereotypes and the academic success. This is the key question that this study will focus on while investigating the inner workings of the high school (such as social relationships between students, the relationship between students and their teachers, the beliefs and thoughts of teachers about racial stereotypes (conscious and subconscious),
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