Throwback Asian Hair Style

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#17. Serious Spikes
An edgy and fun design, serious spikes appears more like a Mohawk. It is an ideal design that defines a metro guy while giving a casual appearance. It gives an opportunity to change the pace while still maintaining medium length hair.
#18. Edgy long hairstyle
Romantic Asian men are easily identified donning the edgy long hairstyle. A style loved by both men and women, edgy long hairstyle boast of a supreme reign giving men an opportunity to be noticed and gain attraction. It features hair brushed to the back or parted to the side. Wearing a light mousse keeps the hair in place without making it sticky or stiff.
#19. Tapered Layers
If you are a photo enthusiast, this is a great style to don. It features hair cut into different sizes and angles in accordance to individual taste. To ensure the style holds in place, a strong product is
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Modern Front Brush
One of the most recent styles, the front brush offers with full hair appearance and a lasting hairstyle for all occasions. To set the style, it is required to use products that will help flatten the hair against the face. The sides are short and contrasting to the front normally longer. A better enhancement is acquired through angling the quaff giving it a more dramatic look.
#24. Throwback Asian Hair
A style that was trending in the 1990s, its now back and trending among Asian men. Its comeback features application of too much gel hence a shiny and fulfilling new design. The style features a stylish undercut alongside long brushed back top hair. When worn alongside overall and combat boots, the style gives an appearance of a movie star.
#25. Rugged Formal Asian Hairstyle
Featuring a classic style, rugged formal is among the recent ones displayed in forums within Asia. The style features long hair that grazes the shoulders. A styling product is used to keep the hair brushed to the back and off the face. A neatly trimmed goatee is a great enhancement for the style.
#26. Youthful fun Asian

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