Asian Human Service In Chicago Case Study

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Read the entire article and answer the following questions. Sometimes it takes more than one read to deeply understand an article.

1. Based on what you read in the article, describe your interpretation of the concept of cultural competency (do not google “cultural competency” or copy and paste from the article).
Cultural competency is the ability to communicate and understand other people’s language and cultures. For example a dentist could be culturally competent if he can communicate to a patients in their language i.e. Arabic. And, he might get assistance from a female medical professional if he needs to work on an oral exam for a religious Muslim woman.

2. Other than language, what are three examples of other factors that can influence …show more content…

They offer legal assistance, educational programs, mental health care and employment services

4. Why do you think the work of the Asian Human Services in Chicago is so important in today’s America?
Immigrants in American need healthcare, legal services, education and so on. Asian Human Service in Chicago offers a place where Asian immigrants can get healthcare and because they have obtained trust from the immigrants; it encourages immigrant to obtain other services like mental healthcare from this institution because they trust it. It boosts their confidence in seeking various kinds of needs because they can obtain it in one place at an institution they trust.

5. I have relatives who have only used south Asian home remedies any time they are sick. I’m sure they would prefer a doctor who would be familiar with these remedies and advise them accordingly when helping to treat them. This is just ONE EXAMPLE of the potential need to incorporate cultural competency into healthcare. Do you know anybody that would benefit from the any cultural competency efforts in healthcare? Please give an example of anything that you can think

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