Asian Immigrants

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Asians immigrating to North America have done so since the colonists, but their immigration has not prospered until the late 1870s. Specific groups, like the Chinese and Japanese, were targeted for discrimination and other atrocious acts. White Americans had a stereotypical way of thinking about immigrants from Asia, and how they were going to impose menace and the outsourcing of jobs. They also became physical and labor threats for the nativists, and subsequently these nativists did everything in their power to enforce regulations that could potentially weaken Asian groups. Therefore laws such as the Chinese Exclusion Act were created solely based on race and color. Although these laws are important it also vital to look at other forms of…show more content…
The push factor that enforced people in Japan to migrate was the overpopulation and the displacement, which affected farmers from the south. In the late 19th century Japanese first moved to Hawaii, Mexico, Latin America, and eventually to other cities in the United States (4). They also suffered discrimination in pursuing employment that was focused in agriculture. California was one of the striving economies that relied in the agricultural business, which was represented by the 45% of Japanese growers. While these growers become prosperous from their land produce, they soon became a threat to White Americans. The government protected White lives and took this into account to create the 1913 California Alien Land Law that was aimed at the Japanese, since they were not legible to become citizens and therefore preventing them from acquiring land. Furthermore, Japanese Americans wanted to be naturalized, like Takao Ozawa. The District Court, Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court denied the 1914 Takao Ozawa Naturalization case. Ozawa considered himself a “free white person” that had adequately converted into white culture without keeping any Japanese ties, but since he did not have white characteristics his case was overturned
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