Asian Pacific America Summary

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McDonough- Asian Pacific American women and treatment throughout History in America The treatment of Asian Pacific Americans throughout history was abysmal. Throughout the readings of, “The History of Asians in America”, Anti-Asian laws and discrimination of people of Asian ethnicity is mentioned several times. The American government established heavy tax burdens that were pointed towards the newly developed Asian communities. Most of the taxes were developed to not specifically state that they were directed toward the Asian community but, would generalize the Asian community by their work occupation or their inability to receive full citizenship. (Timothy P. Fong, Pg 4) Many of the Chinese man were unable to have comfortable lives with a loving family due to immigration laws that prevented Chinese women from coming to the United States. (Timothy P. Fong, Pg…show more content…
With this in mind, the fourth difference was that the Japanese in the United States were able to actually increase in population, start families, and establish a rather stable community life.” (Timothy P. Fong, Pg 3) The legalization of Asian women to immigrate into the United States was a huge step for Asian Pacific American woman. In Slaying the Dragon, they discuss how American Soldiers viewed the women as essentially slaves who would pamper Americans and sometimes stereotyped as prostitutes. (Deborah Gee, Slaying the Dragon) Throughout my college experience I have never noticed this in any part of the United States. Usually, they are highly respected with positions of power in the companies they work for. Asian women presently are treated in high regard as with most Asian stereotypes, they are considered intelligent and are expected to have occupations in professional fields such as: doctors, nurses and

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