Asian Stereotypes In Movies

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“Stereotype” is a familiar word that we’ve heard throughout high school or even when you are an adult. So what is “stereotype” mean? Stereotype is belief that many people have about other people or things with a characteristic that are related to them. For example, some people think that Muslims are really dangerous because they might be a suicide bomber or a terrorist. There are many stereotypes related Asian and how they affect us.
The first stereotype is “All Asians Look Alike”. This is one of the common stereotypes because it’s how we look. When people in the west describe an Asian, they usually said that an Asian would have black hair, yellow skin, short and squinty eyes. That is actually true in this case because we all have the same
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Other people usually think that Asians are a martial artist. Being able to kick a lot of butt without getting any scratch or defeating a horde of enemies. It mostly because of any action movie that involves kung fu fighting or Jackie Chan. We Asians always the one who have a higher skill set of martial arts or kung fu than other characters in the movie. For example, the movie karate kids, Jackie Chan is the one who have a higher level martial arts defend a teen from other bullied by using martial arts to stop them. Then many films follow those trends and suddenly, it’s become a…show more content…
This typical stereotype comes from the grades or the average GPA we have. According to the website, the average GPA of Asian is ranging from 2.88 to 3.26 which is the highest of all the ethnic groups that are listed on the website. Another example is that Asian take a lot of extra classes. Few of my best friends, 2 to be exact, are now taking about 2 to 3 extra classes about math, SSAT and TOEFL. That’s is why people think we are smart, especially when it comes to math. Another reason that contributes to this stereotypes is that Asian parents are really strict about studying. For instance, my parent set a goal for me to achieve mostly “A”s and 1 “B” is allow and if I fail to do so, there will be severe consequences. Due to a strict education and public school mostly focus on teaching math and physics so we Asian do have an upper hand in those subjects.
Stereotype is a funny thing to talk about because it’s easy to make a joke out of it. But when the stereotype is true, it’s really hard to deny the fact that the stereotype is not true and most people, including Asians, think that all stereotype is true. Stereotypes work like a labeling to a specific ethnic groups or person and to be honest, labeling people is not good so in my opinion, I think that we shouldn’t use certain stereotypes to describe a person. Otherwise, it doesn’t affect us
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