Asian Stereotypes Research Paper

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The many stereotypical identities and expectations misrepresented on Asians. There are countless of times in my life when I have underwent discrimination and misjudgment. As a victim of racism, it forces me to suffer from feeling completely and utterly useless sometimes just because I am not meeting people’s standards as an Asian-American. James Iha was undoubtedly right when he stated, “Yeah, I’m sure there are stereotypes of Asian people” because Asian-Americans are constantly being weighed down by their labels. Racism comes in plenty of different forms. Racial labels and stereotypes are some of the most common ones. In other people’s shoes, specifically white Americans, Asians are short, geniuses, identical, horrible drivers, blind, and soulless people because seemingly every Asian human being living on…show more content…
So not all Asians who looks the same are related. There are many distinction between ethnicities, but for some reason, Americans always seem to think that all Asians are Chinese. Yes, China is the largest country in Asia, but it doesn’t mean that every Asian are “Made in…show more content…
But honestly, this common innocent stereotype is often used against Asians when they get the wrong answer on their homework. Classmates will trample each other just to get the right answers from that one smart, unsociable asian kid who sits in the corner and studies 24/7. When that kid gets marked off a point for the wrong answer other kids will comment, “Wow, I thought you were supposed to be smart,” or “You got one wrong! I thought you were Asian.” Personally, it’s extremely offensive and hurtful at the same time when their voices are full of disappointment. It makes Asian-Americans feel as if they are not even good for their own
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