Asian Value System Vs. Western Value Systems

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Asian Value System Vs Western Value System The world can be divided broadly in to two value systems- Asian value system and Western value system on the basis of values, beliefs, norms to which they adhere to. Asian value system is in contrast to the Western value system. The values held by the Asian people are totally different from the values held by the people in western societies. So, there are also some inconsistencies between the two dominant value systems i.e. Asian Values and Western Values that lead to a situation of conflict between the two value systems. These inconsistencies are as follows
• Emphasis on collectivity rather than individuality and family plays the central role in Asian societies.
• Resolving conflicting situation through consensus instead of contention in non-western or Asian societies.
• Asian societies take pride to look after its less advantaged members i.e. Females, children and old people.
• Inspite of demanding right, these societies are prefer to perform duty. Within this framework, values such as preferring the community over the individual, respect for authority and filial duty are sharply in contrast with Western values such as individualism and materialism. As the values differ in both the societies so the different perceptions and meaning of human rights in these two societies. So western liberal thinking is in favor of absolute individual, political and civil rights while non-western, third
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