Asif Currimbhoy's Social Role

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INTRODUCTION : Asif Currimbhoy believes in the fact that literature is meant to represent the society. As a social critic, he exhibits his excellence in portraying the social condition as prevailing in the contemporary time. Jr. Martin C. Caroll has also commented that the chief function of literature is “to reflect with meaning the totality of the contemporary human condition.” We see that an artist brings out social truths and that literature is a reflection of social process. He has been called “India’s first authentic voice in the theatre” by Faubion Bowers. He is a playwright of social purpose and essentially wrote plays to be performed in theatre. Known for the variety and versatility of his plays, Currimbhoy deals such topical themes and issues like race, class, gender, politics, capitalism, poverty, colonization and human relationships. Asif Currimbhoy is a well known name in Indian English drama of modern times. He began his career as a dramatist in 1959 and has written more than 30 plays. He applied variety & versatility in his plays. Thus the literature influenced by its milieu reflects the contemporary social structure. Asif Currimbhoy is a close follower of the above mentioned view. Each play has a touch of reality due to its connection with some major event or incident of the past or the contemporary time. He targets the impact of the social issues over the lives of people. Walter Meserve remarks: Currimbhoy‟s plays are concerned wih the problems of man
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