Ask Me Anything Case Study

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After reading the case, “Ask Me Anything”, there are many ideas that come to mind when establishing myself as the CEO of a five-year-old technology company. Addressing the companywide concern of a senior employee termination needs to be dealt with in a systematic approach. It is imperative to disclose my decision in a principled manner; however it is also important to eventually redirect staffs attention back to work and the success of the company. Relieving stress and anxiety will enable staff to focus on their daily tasks instead of dwelling on the termination. Furthermore I need to consider, a few powerful articles, “5 Reasons You Need To Instill Values In Your Organization” by Jessica Amortegui, “A Tale of Two Cultures: Why Culture Trumps…show more content…
Focusing on addressing the employees I believe that an “executive as a moral person is characterized in terms of individual traits such as honesty and integrity”, which I intend to portray to my company (Trevino, Hartman, Brown: 128). This monthly forum is important because it provides me with the opportunity to justify the reasoning behind the firing of a senior executive whom lower level employees respected and considered a mentor . For instance, studies show that employees are looking for a genuine leader and a “key finding was a deceptively simple notion: people will not follow a leader they feel is inauthentic” (Amortegui, 2014: 3).Moreover, it offers the chance to defend and justify the company’s values and expectation from its employees. The article “5 Reasons You Need to Instill Values in Your Organization “explains that, as a CEO, “if your goal is to intentionally shape the actions and interactions of employees, you know the importance of creating a ‘value-based’ culture” (Amortegui, 2014: 2). Lastly, the monthly gathering helps with lecturing any employees’ doubts or concerns about the healthiness or potential growth of the organization. I believe the organizations culture has an impact on our values, success and growth, which is where I intend to assure our employees that these types of action, are in the best interest of not only the company, but its employees. Kurkus clarifies that “within an organizational setting, there is a growing body of literature demonstrating how culture and climate are crucial to understanding how unethical cultures facilitate unethical and even illegal activity” (Kurkus, 2011:
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