Ask Me If I Care Chapter 3 Summary

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Adolescence is the complicated stage where you’re going through different circumstances of figuring out who you really are. Chapter 3 “Ask Me If I Care” from Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad depicts the life of a girl as she tries to decide between becoming an adult or enjoying being a teenager. It presents her experiences and choices from her relationships with her friends to her interaction with an older man which influences how she sees herself and her surroundings in this point in her life. In Egan’s Chapter 3, Rhea’s struggle with discovering her true self during adolescence are represented by her interactions with Alice who symbolizes youthfulness, with Lou who symbolizes adulthood and her admiration for Bennie that symbolizes…show more content…
Throughout the night hanging with Lou, Rhea describes her surroundings as “people honking and waving from their cars like we’re all at one gigantic party. With my thousand eyes it looks different, like I’m a different person seeing it” (51). While they were talking, a thought pops out on Rhea’s head: “I realize that I’m beginning my adult life right now, on this night” (50). But then afterwards, Rhea remembers what happened with the three of them during the concert and panics because she believes that she really might have been involved with it (54). Rhea’s eagerness to adulthood is represented by how or whenever she interacts with Lou and Jocelyn. The whole thrill of the nightlife makes Rhea feel that she’s changing and maturing now. Hanging out with Lou and seeing how Jocelyn acts with him makes her believe that this must be how being an adult feels like. As much as she wants to be an adult, she is still conflicted if this is what she needs right now. Her fear with what just happened with the three of them still shows her innocence or naivety as a young person. Despite the appeal of living like an adult right away, Rhea would still need more time to prepare herself in becoming
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