Asking For Achilles Favor In The Iliad

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Asking For a Favor in The Iliad
(Asking/ begging for a favor from another person) Asking for a favor can be a difficult thing, but when a loved one is at risk, most will stop at nothing to aid the one in need. In the Iliad, Thetis is faced with an opportunity to help her son Achilles, when his armor is taken by the Trojans. She goes to Hephaestus in her time of need, and informs him of the situation. Luckily, Hephaestus owes Thetis a favor. Hephaestus is asked to create for Achilles a shield, a helmet, a set of greaves, and a corselet. In a display of ruthless pragmatism, Thetis seeks aid from the smith god, redeems a deserved favor, and secures the necessary goods for Achilles. Thetis is placed in a difficult position, and she finds herself in need of a friend’s aid. By comparison, the situation Achilles is facing is most upsetting. Achilles is afflicted with a supreme case of hubris, and this is the reason for his refusal to participate in the battle. Patroclus goes in his stead, wearing the armor of Achilles, and is killed after routing the Trojan force. The armor he wore is taken by the trojans as a war prize. When Achilles hears the news of his friend’s death, he is stricken with grief and laments his folly. Thetis hears his outcry and promptly rushes to
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He is a god who truly deserves more recognition. Thetis seems to be doing the best she can with her situation, but she still comes off as hopelessly melodramatic. Yet she still retains her resourcefulness. For example, going to Hephaestus for help was a wise decision on Thetis’ part. Throughout the process, Hephaestus proves himself to be amicable and charitable. In her time of need, Thetis seeks aid from a friendly invalid god, redeems a deserved favor, and secures a suit of armor for

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