Asoka Dbq Analysis

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Is Asoka a ruthless conqueror or is he a knowledgeable ruler? Asoka is one of the most acknowledged rulers of the Mauryan Empire. He ruled most of India over 2,000 years ago. Although he may be the greatest ruler of the Mauryan Empire, Asoka is still a merciless emperor because he has done many remorseful things that shall not be forgiven such as exterminating thousands of people and he has also conquered many lands to enhance his kingdom. Several individuals have been slaughtered by the hands of Asoka. According to the text in document A, it says,”Kalingans killed in battle 100,000.” Kalingans have all the reason in the universe to be furious with him. If that were to happen to various race, what thoughts would you have about him now? Not just that, but also in document A, it says,”Driven out of country after battle 150,000.”Envision your family being deported, what would be your actions be? In conclusion, 100,000 people were killed because there was no medicine or food. Countless individuals have been murdered for the greater good of Asoka’s kingdom and that is something that is selfish and pitiful. Many territories have been overpowered by the likes of Asoka for a good outcome. Kalinga was overpowered and it intercepted the routes from the Ganges Valley. This territory was also a powerful maritime area and it…show more content…
100,000 people were killed in his conquest of Kalinga. What stood of the population, which was about 150,000 people, were deported. Some may forgive him, but the majority cannot forgive him for his guilty actions and he has shown that he deserves
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