Most Important Aspect In Friendship

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Weibin Wu
English 1B
Frances Ebbers
March 16 2017
What is the most important aspect in friendship?

This research topic is the aspect to influence friendship. Nowadays, people need a friend or a group of friends. Fiend is dispensable. This research told us how to keep a long friendship. Because a long friendship people can learn a lot form it. So this research can help lots of audiences to keep their friendship. And people can learn about the important aspect in friendship. A friend equals a teacher. A friend equals a brother. There have a lot of good movies or books or articles or information that about friendship. Loyalty and compete is the information that people already
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And then, they have a good friend and help each other. In the story, Fen was friendly and be good at Wilbur even Wilbur was a pig. They have a deep friendship. Sometimes when you take two ordinary things and put them together at just the right time, there’s a chance they’ll become two less ordinary things. ( E.B.White 52)In this way, we can see that be friendly is important to aspect friendship. In the story, when the Wilbur was injured. Fen always went barn to see Wilbur. Gradually, Fen’s mum thinks Fen’s mind has some problem and told Fen to make some friend. But Fen said she has a best friend. A human and a pig become best friends. It’s rare and melting. And it is a good example for be friendly can aspect friendship. If Fen did not be friendly to Wilbur, Wilbur will be lonely in the barn. And no one will talk with Wilbur. Wilbur wills death soon. So there have no friendship in this farm. It’s terrible. On the other hand, if the people and animals were all be friendly. It will be a happy farm and animals will become best friends with people. Friendship is the important things for people. People have no friends in the world. People will feel boring and can’t work very hard. And then people will die soon. But people have a lot of friend. It has different result. People will feel happy to work and live in this world. So that people need be friendly to keep friendship for long. So that be friendly is the important aspect to
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