Aspects Of Power In Sakharam Binder

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Aspects of power in Sakharam Binder: The study of Vijay Tendulkar’s plays gives us idea that the dramatists deals with actual incident in Indian community. In his plays, he was concerned with the means of power effects of oppression manifested in different forms, he lash out the institution of marriage, hypocrisy of the society. Whatever his predicament, it is obvious that he plays the power game through his elitist discourse to subvert the Indian Folk style and is reluctant to make his position clear. Patriarchal society or male dominated society: male dominance and female frailty This play explains the complexities in the relationship between men and women of Indian society and how men misused the merit of power which is it in their hands to oppressed women. This play exposes the badly treatment through male in India community whether from father to his son as it happened to Sakharam Binder himself due his ideal view to the society particularly regarding his caste that leads him to change his behavior in the opposite way, he smokes cigars, speaks vulgar language, indulges in sex, and drinks liquor, another incidents for the badly treatment that it occurs between Sakharam Binder who became victimizer to ladies who lives with him as refugees of the oppression of the society such as Laxmi she said: “It is a year now since I entered this house. I haven’t had a single days rest, whether I’m sick or whether it’s a festival day. Nothing but work, work: work all the time. You

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