Aspects Of The Novel Mrs Dalloway

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Chapter IV Modern aspects of the novel – Mrs. Dalloway Mrs.Dalloway and the features of modernism The original title for the novel Mrs. Dalloway was The Hours which imples that time plays an important role. In a short amount of time, the author offers a deep insite into the human mind.. Virginia Woolf “abandoned linear narratives in favour of interior monologues and stream of consciousness narration, exploring with great subtlety problems of personal identity and personal relationships as well as the significance of time, change, loss, and memory for human personality.” Woolf (1943:2081) In her novel To the lighthouse as well as in the novel Mrs. Dalloway, the author “displays the kind of original approach to prose that would forge her reputation as a literary genius. Woolf experimented with innovative approaches to writing that set her apart from her contemporaries by largely abandoning plot in favour of psychological exploration- something most people took so much for granted that they failed to consider its importance.” Virginia Woolf Mrs. Dalloway (2013: vii) Virginia Woolf opens her novel with this sentence: “Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself”. Ibid: 1 It seems to be a simple way to expose some events, but as the story unfolds we discover its uniqueness. In the writing process of Mrs. Dalloway, the author found a new technique “to burrow into characters‟ pasts in order to unearth their history”: she calls this process „tunnelling‟ Childs
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