Aspen Pointe: Open Systems Theory

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Aspen Pointe is on of Colorado Springs largest nonprofit facilities that has been in existence for 140 years when it was called Springs Relief Society (Aspen Pointe, n.d.). Aspen Pointe provides behavioral health care to the community, the care ranges from mental health and substance abuse services to career and education enhancement programs for individuals and families (Aspen Pointe, n.d.). Aspen Pointe not only provides behavioral health care, but they also have a catering service and Aspen Pointe Café in the building where the El Paso County Department of Human Services is (Aspen Pointe, n.d.). One of the theories that I see being used is bureaucracy, Aspen Pointe is a very structured organization that is all about their clients and their employees are there for the clients and not for personal gain.…show more content…
The third theory that I see that could pertain to Aspen Pointe is the open systems theory, Aspen Pointe interacts with the community that they are in and in return the community gives back to Aspen Pointe.
Looking at the three theories they are all appropriate for the way Aspen Pointe is structured and ran. Bureaucracy can be seen when you walk in the door Aspen Pointe is broke into different areas and offices, each area or office specializes in a specific are of service. The individual areas of service are ran by the specific rules and regulations that are enforced by the individual

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