Aspiranet Role Model

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Breuggemann (2013) discusses the Social Administration as being an important role because it is necessary to have such a position, because they are responsible in creating a positive organization in which they engage in leadership and management models. At Aspiranet the individual that carries such responsibility would be the Family Case Manager (FCM) Supervisor, and the Clinical Supervisor. Both the FCM Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor are responsible for family case managers and clinicians and ensure that they are completing their task and oversee their case load, they both also makes it a point to be available for her employee’s in order to provide support. The FCM and clinical Supervisor presents themselves professionally, transparent and is helpful and compassionate with their team. The FMC and Clinical Supervisor provides social benefit and works hard to straighten and empower the client and their family but also to their team members under her supervision. The FCM and Clinical Supervisor are open and easy to talk to. They are ready to provide ideas and solutions to assist her team with difficult cases and is also open to shadow meetings if necessary (attend a client meeting with assigned staff.) Not only is their focus on the client and their family but is an…show more content…
As a clinical social worker she facilitates meetings with clients, mostly foster youths, in which she engages with them in discussions regarding past trauma the youth has experienced or current stresses they may have. As a clinical social worker she also educates her client’s in specific subjects related to their current area of discussion and also meets with their caregiver and educates them in things such as parenting skills, coping techniques, listening skills and communication skills to help improve their relationship and quality of
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