Aspirin: Acetaminophen

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Aspirin, Acetaminophen, an Ibuprofen have been around for centuries. They are mainly used to help the sickness of people, which may be minor or major. Acetylsalicylic Acid is another common name Aspirin maybe called. Aspirin treats minor aches, fever, and swelling. Aspirin has also been known to reduce the risk of a heart attack. Aspirins can be used in tablets, capsules, and caplets. Aspirin has also been known to be used in a powdered form. Aspirin has the chemical formula of C9H8O4. Aspirin was one of the first common drugs that people used the most. 35,000 metric tons of Aspirin are produced annually, which is about 100 billion tablets a year. Felix Hoffman invented Aspirin. Hoffman received a U.S patent as an inventor. Felix was born on…show more content…
Aspirin also has a lot of side effects such as bloody or black stools, vomiting, unusual bleeding, severe stomach pain, and ringing in the ears. Rarely do people ever experience those side effects. Aspirin is listed in the top ten most commonly used over the counter medicines. Chemists all over the world have tried to copy the chemical makeup or Aspirin and were not successful. Felix invented a marvelous creation, which saves people lives all over the world. Aspirin is also one of the alternatives to reduce the risks of heart attacks. A small tablet like Aspirin has affect society in so many ways, especially by saving lives. Would there be more heart attacks if Aspirin wasn’t around? No, it wouldn’t be. Aspirin contains nine carbons, eight hydrogen, and four oxygen. It also helps breathing because it has so many carbon bonds inside of the Aspirin. Aspirin overall is a leading drug that reduces a lot of health Problems. The World should be thankful for Aspirin. Acetaminophen…show more content…
Ibuprofen can be brought over the counter and it can also be prescribed by a doctor. Ibuprofen is normally in tablet form. The chemical formula for Ibuprofen is C13H1802. Ibuprofen contains more hydrogen out of the three. The side effects of Ibuprofen are as followed: blistering, peeling, swelling in the hands or ankles, nausea, and sever stomach pain. Forms of Ibuprofen are Advil, Midol, and Neoprofen. Along with Aspirin and Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen is mainly brought over the counter and a prescription is sometimes needed. Ibuprofen is mainly sold in stores such as Fred’s and Wal-Mart. Dr. Stewart Adam discovered Ibuprofen. In 1969, is when Ibuprofen became available. In 1974, is when the United States was introduced into it. It was patented in 1961. Advil and Motrin are some trades Ibuprofen are sold under. Dr. Stewart didn’t not discover Ibuprofen alone, his colleagues accompanied him with his discovery Him and his colleagues were college students at the age of this discovery. Ibuprofen sells billions of its tablets annually. Ibuprofen is also among the top 10 most bought over the counter drug. Aspirin, Acetaminophen, and Ibuprofen are all world pain reducers or killers. They both have numerous side effects the makes the consumers skeptical about buying them. The three amigos are helpful in the medical and health field. The three sells billions of tablets annually. Those three inventors all received patents for their marvelous
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