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Assassination Classroom is an anime, which portrays the concepts of social class disparity and how it relates to education. At Kunugigaoka Junior High School, the fictional setting where most of the plot takes place, there is an established academic system, which promotes social discrimination against the students of the classroom with the lowest grade known as the “Class E” or “End Class.” The name End Class comes from the fact that students placed in Class E are usually at the end of their academic aspirations. The reasoning behind this discrimination is that, if a handful of students are harshly discriminated against, the majority will work harder fueled by pressure and a sense of fear and superiority. The students are unfairly placed in…show more content…
He thought that having a common enemy or someone to discriminate against makes one progress more. His aim is to create a world where ninety five percent of people are hard workers and five percent of people are idlers. In his model, Class E serves as the bottom five percent, which spur the other ninety five percent of students to succeed. It does not matter to him how his students achieve their education, nor does it matter what kind of people they become, as long as they are achieving high scores. This results in heavy discrimination against Class E. The students in Class E are a rough group of seemingly untalented teenagers that are on the fringes of society by failing to meet high expectations. They are marginalized, disrespected, and abused and to some degree have failed to achieve success by society’s standards. They are ostracized in order to minimize their inconvenience to the school and to drive the students “above” them. Those who are gifted with intelligence or physical abilities believe that their position in life is at the top of the pyramid, while everyone else is worthless. Anyone who falls below standard is seen as inferior and mocked. Those on top fear falling to the bottom, which motivates them to work hard and maintain their status. Meanwhile, those at the bottom are constrained by mental shackles, which…show more content…
Class E is located on a mountain side that is one kilometer away from the main building. It is an old rundown wooden school building with several holes in the roof and a couple of boarded up windows. The building has no air conditioning and the ceiling has several leaks in it due to lack of funds, which stems from the discriminatory school policy. Once placed in Class E, students are never meant to escape. In order to return to the main campus, they must score in the top fifty of all students in each subjects on both the midterm and final. This is nearly impossible due to the lack of funds allocated to Class E. Students in Class E receive equipment far worse than peers. Their school building is molding and their equipment is breaking down. The headmaster even intervenes occasionally to ensure that the Class E cannot improve. He sabotages all efforts for the class to improve itself academically by assigning new and inexperienced teachers to a poor study environment. This compounded with the despair of outcast students makes escape from Class E while still attending Kunugigaoka virtually impossible. Textbooks and other class materials are expensive, so most students in Class E either have old outdated second-hand versions or do not have a textbook at all. The upper class are advantaged as they have economic capital, therefore can afford materials

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