Essay On The Assassination Of The American Dream

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Assassination of the American Dream Langston Hughes identifies, “Let America be America again. Let it be the dream it used to be.” (Source C). The dream has not been alive for some time and that it needs to come back like it used to be before. A select few may be able to pursue the American dream, but it used to be something that everyone believed and tried to achieve throughout their life. It has not been the same recently because people are starting to give up on their dreams. Even though pursuing the dream is real for some lucky enough, the American dream proves to be unachievable after easy money, relaxed social values, and materialism have corrupted it. Due to affluent family inheritances, the American Dream is declining. People who come up from nothing…show more content…
A loyal partner can be hard to find these days with affairs going around. For some rich families, marriages can be controlled because people think it is some sort of ownership. Fitzgerald says that Tom thinks his marriage with Daisy is nothing less than perfect even though that this is not the case at all from Daisy’s point of view, "Daisy loved me when she married me and she loves me now.”(Source A). Tom sees marriage as a sense of ownership which shows dishonorable values that Tom has towards the idea of marriage as a whole. Honesty plays a role in the death of the American dream because a lot of citizens lie to get to where they are. David Kamp indicates that postwar spread of American values would be, “spearheaded by the idea of the teenager,” writes Jon Savage somewhat ominously in Teenage, his history of youth culture.”(Source E). The immature values of the teenager started becoming more popular which included being dishonest and scheming to get what one wanted. Careless individuals have shaped a new social standard around the world that involves affairs and dishonesty to gain success
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