Assault In Schools

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“Every two minutes another American is sexually assaulted” (Scope of the Problem). Schools needs to do more to inform and protect their students against sexual assault. Most people are the victims of sexual assault because they don’t know how to prevent it. If people are required to learn more about how to prevent sexual assault like say in a school then the number of sexual assaults per year should greatly decrease. There is also a problem when it comes to a student reporting that they were sexually assaulted in a school. There are set rules in High School that require teachers to report sexual assaults statistics, but many feel unprepared on how to deal with the problem after reporting it. Without having proper plans and precautions placed…show more content…
Taking into consideration that every child has the right to education there is the question on how to deal with the attacker. Should they be expelled or something more the safety of the victim should be the school 's number one priority. Policies need to be made that grant safety and a safe environment for victims of sexual assault. According to Rainn, 8% of sexual assault happen on school property. That makes me wonder where are the staff and officers during this time. A step that could be taken to prevent sexual assault is keeping students informed. In all health classes student should be informed thoroughly about how to prevent sexual assault and what to do if they are sexually assaulted. They need to know what situations not to put themselves in and things to avoid that can potentially lead to being sexually…show more content…
Teachers and staff need to be trained to know exactly what to do when it comes to dealing with reports of sexual assault. They need to make students feel like they can come to teachers and staff with this great problem. They need to see school as a safe place where they can be protected and not harmed. Teachers need to make sure these students are safe at all times and need to have a plan on exactly how do deal with these situations They need to know that if they do tell someone that something will be done to help. Different states have different protocols regarding how school deal with sexual assault. That makes it difficult to ensure the safety of all students when different school don’t take the same precautions other schools make, but taking a stand against sexual assault by setting up rules all throughout America will greatly lower the amount of sexual assaults inflicted on student. Sexual assault is a difficult issue to deal with in schools, but wouldn’t that mean there is a greater reason to have a solution to this

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