Assault Weapons Should Be Banned

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Gun control and banning assault weapons is simply not the answer to mass shootings. There are many reasons why gun control is bad for citizens and does not help. Many steps have been taken to lower gun crimes and have greatly helped the cause. Assault weapons are also seen as a large issue but aren’t the problem either. Gun violence is the lowest it has been in decades. Despite all the talk of gun violence that would make it seem like there were high rates of it, it has surprisingly gone down in the past decades. Since after President Bush’s agenda changed in 2006, the number of people prosecuted for gun using during a crime has gone down. (Novak). Gun control only puts law abiding citizens at a disadvantage. Many criminals already get their guns illegally and still find a way to get their hands on them. This means law abiding citizens would not be able to defend themselves from a criminal with a gun. The elderly who cant fight for themselves would be in danger if someone broke in their home. Home defense would be a lot tougher if guns were taken away. (Farago).…show more content…
There are many reasons why this assumption is incorrect. Many people are severely misinformed on this subject. Assault rifles are the exact same as any other hand pistol you can buy. They all fire one bullet with each pull of the trigger. Many think they shoot faster or cause more damage which is incorrect. (Davidson). The aesthetics of the gun is what scares people and thats the only thing different about them than
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