Assemant's Interview Report

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The interviews for this investigation took place at the following locations: The claimant’s interview was conducted at a Taco Bell restaurant at 2950 West Orangethorpe Ave. Fullerton CA 92833. The interviews with the Human Resources Department was conducted at the Insured’s address, located at Fullerton Pacific Interiors, 1519 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831. According to Ms. Mirdoki, the claimant’s last day worked (LDW) was on 7/11/2015. She stated, “He just never showed up.” As she discussed this further, Ms. Mirdoki considered the claimant’s LDW as being “job abandonment.” According to Ms. Mirdoki, the claimant last worked at the Marriot Courtyard at 2045 South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92802. The claimant was not found to be working elsewhere at any other job sites…show more content…
Motels demand a subpoena, as there must be a lawsuit filed to get the records. The Courtyard Marriott Hotel 1420 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92802 is the place where both the claimant and Mr. Torres worked together. The claimant and the Mr. Torres worked with their company on September 7, 2015, and only worked at the Anaheim project. Ms. Mirdoki does not know where the claimant worked concurrently assigned to work. Ms. Mirdoki stated that the claimant and Mr. Torres started working half day on February 16, 2015, after Mr. Torres was transferred from another project, where Mr. Torres would “supervise the job project” in Anaheim, and a half day on the other project where he originally was assigned to. The location of the “other projects” location was not provided by Ms. Mirdoki. Mr. Torres, who started at the Anaheim job-site (part-time) while he supervised at a concurrent job-site, believed that the Anaheim job site was a one year project. However, this information of how long the project was projected and when the dates of the Anaheim project especially started and ended was not clarified by Mr. Torres or Ms.
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