Assess The Argument That Fossils Are Evidence Of Evolution

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One of the main arguments that Darwinsts use is the argument that fossils are evidence of evolution. I have gathered information from Your Inner Fish and internet sources. I found an article online that says in a nutshell; there 's two lines of evidence for evolution. The first line of evidence concerns the order in which fossils are found buried. Fossils are generally found buried in a sequential order. The first fossilized fish appear buried below the first fossilized amphibians which appear below the first fossilized reptiles which appear below the first fossilized birds and mammals. This is consistent with the Darwinian model of origins which says that birds and mammals evolved from reptiles which evolved from amphibians which evolved from fish. Not everything about the order in which fossils are found supports Darwin’s theory however. The basic structure of known…show more content…
I think it is time to explain my theory in depth and why homology also supports my theory. The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause there is a definite effect. That being said, our universe had to have been an effect from a cause. A cause which I and most people believe to be the Big Bang but the Big Bang had to have have come from a cause also. I believe that God’s energy caused the Big Bang which create everything known. If we all come from the same source of energy, it would not be a shock if we share similar characteristics. This is how homology supports my theory. Homology suggest that we share similar characteristics stemmed from a common ancestor. I believe this ancestor to be God. I know you are probably thinking; my beliefs are seemingly exact to the creationists beliefs. I do believe in the majority of almost everything creationists argue but not all arguments. Hence, I cannot say I believe in Creationists theory because I do not I believe
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