Assess The Importance Of Attendance In Community Service

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In my ongoing effort to ensure that we provide the best service to our customers and care for our employees it is critical that we set a baseline of expectations. As a supervisor for Doubletree Central Laundry you have a critical responsibility that greatly impacts our success. To this end, I expect the following: Attendance – As a supervisor, your reliable attendance is very important to the company’s overall success. Your team members count on you to provide them guidance, direction and to create a climate of high morale. You are expected to be at work on your scheduled days, which also means on-time and remaining for the full shift. I understand that emergencies occur and I expect that in these cases you communicate immediately.…show more content…
If you are arriving to work late or taking extra breaks you are, either intentionally or not, telling your employees that this type of behavior is acceptable. It is critical that you adhere to policies regarding punctuality and breaks. Ask yourself, how can you enforce the standard if you’re not meeting it. Team-focused – As a supervisor I expect you to take the lead and ensure success. This is done through a team-focused mindset combined with a proactive work posture. Lead your teams by example. To expect 100% from a team member you have to give that and more. Be visible and engaged with your team. Work beside, motivate, encourage and ensure their safety. In addition to being a good supervisor, form a strong partnership with the other supervisors. Work together to solve problems, maximize productivity and ensure each other’s success. Communication – Effective communication is a trademark of successful leaders. Focus on providing timely and accurate communication to your teams, your peers, management and our customers. Poor communication is often the cause of unnecessary turmoil in the workplace that can result in lost revenue, employee turnover and low workforce
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