Assess The Importance Of Community Service To The Community

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Services have a wide range of diverse cultures and are accountable for providing opportunities and improving learning outcomes for all cultures. Educators are required to be accepting, respectful and understanding of all cultures and attend to children’s and their family’s individual needs and requirements of their cultures. One of the multitudes of varying cultures is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, which in South West Brisbane as at 30 June 2012 consisted of 3,222 people (2.1% of the total number of people in that area) and 155,824 people in the whole of Queensland (3.6% of the total Queensland population).
Services should recognise the broader social, cultural and environmental influences and work in collaboration with other multicultural agencies to ensure the improvement and quality outcomes for children of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background. Services such as; Brisbane City Council, Department of Human Services, IFACSS, ATSICHS Brisbane and many more provide, physical, emotional, financial and medical support and also
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National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee Week is one which is celebrated in the first whole week of July by all Australians and acknowledges the history and achievements of these cultures.
There is also National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day which recognises their culture and strengths and focuses on themes like poverty, education access and pride in culture.
Aboriginal people went through a lot of pain when Aboriginal children were taken from their families. National Sorry Day is a day for Australians to remember and recognise what Aboriginal people went through. The children affected are now known as the Stolen Generations.
Reconciliation aims to develop better relations between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community, National Reconciliation Week is held in late May/early June each

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