Assess The Importance Of The Induction Process

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The way that it is important for practitioners, individuals and organisations to have an induction process in place and complete an induction is that is supports new employees into the company by providing them with the right support and training and allows them to develop within their roles. This also ensures that new recruits get up to speed with the organisational ways of working and It enables new recruits to become a useful, integrated member of a team through a gradual planned process, rather than being thrown in at the deep end and expected to know what to do and how to do it without the proper knowledge required to do their job or have little or no understanding of how the job fits in with the rest of the organisation. Induction is not just restricted to new staff as new internal appointments may also require a period of induction to help them adjust to new roles and responsibilities within a new role. An example of this would be with my own role, I was a group worker in a community service prior to being given the opportunity to manage a residential service and with it being my first foray into management with little management experience I was provided with the opportunity to complete a 6 month induction process even…show more content…
It shows the organisation invests in their staff and supports and guides them to become the best they can be – that will become more efficient in their roles as they progress and settle into their role, and staff gain job satisfaction. There also will be consistency of staff and performance for the children and parents will be reassured that it will not affect our existing service but enhance it with a diverse set of skills and abilities within the staff

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