Assess The Significance Of The Great Depression

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In order to assess the significance of the Great Depression, we must consider the different ways in which the Great Depression was significant. The Depression was primarily significant to the German economy and German people. The Great Depression was a very significant event to Germany. It was significant to Germany because they had a turning point in the Great Depression that had many side effects on Germany. The Great Depression had a long-term problem with social, economic, and social weakening during 1929-1939. A social issue was weakening because the people in Germany were struggling. The German economy was struggling during 1929 and 1939 but their economy was improving as the years passed by. The political issue was that they were not doing their best during the Great Depression because the Nazi was trying to gain power over Germany. But the Nazi…show more content…
It was problems that Germany could not fix the next day. It was going to take them a while to fix. This was why it was significance to the people because they were getting unemployed and losing their houses. It made many German people on the streets where they could not feed their families. So, this made people die of hunger and lose weight. Some children left their families to go serve their country. The number of sick people increased because they got sick from tuberculosis or pneumonia and other diseases that spread from lack of food or medications. The people died from the disease or they committed suicide because they did not know what to do with their life because they were unemployed and living on the streets and were starving. The people that were living in the streets were now robbing stores and anything on the site that they could eat or use because they could not feed their family and did not have the money or a job. This was the social effects of the German
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