Assess The Similarities And Differences Between Conservatives And Liberals

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In the world of politics, there are two types of people with two very different ideologies: conservatives and liberals. According to Squadrin, conservatives are people that advocate limited government involvement and strongly adhere to their traditional and religious values. They are associated with right-leaning movements and their strong traditional beliefs stem from the fear of those values disappearing altogether (Squadrin 4 ). On the contrary, liberals support a more active role of the government to improve equality for minorities. Liberals are considered left-leaning and actually encourage change, as opposed to conservatives. According to Squadrin, liberals belief that sticking to tradition can impede and actually slow down the progress …show more content…

Conservatives and liberals have always disagreed on the topic of abortion due to their personal values and morals. Conservatives believe that abortion is the murder of a human. They argue that as soon as the baby is conceived, it has human rights separate from the mother (Squadrin 5). Because most conservatives are religious and religion forbids abortion, they strongly abide by their morals and values. Not only do they support the rights of the fetus, but they also argue that by abolishing abortion, the mother’s life is also saved since abortion “could easily endanger the mother’s health” (Squadrin 5). Liberals, on the other hand, believe that it is a woman’s right to decide what happens to their body, including the choice of abortion. They argue that a fetus is not a human because it has not been born, therefore the mother’s life is far more important. As opposed to conservatives, liberals do not abide to traditional nor religious values, so they are more open to the idea of abortion. Furthermore, liberals strive for social changes in support of minority groups such as women (Squadrin 4). Again, since liberals are much more reliant on the government to solve problems (Squadrin 4), they believe that the government must protect a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion by providing financial and structural support (Squadrin 5). If women are not provided with safe and legal access to abortion, they will still find a way to do it, but it could prove to be

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