Assess The Theme Of Friendship In Stanley's Holes

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This book ‘Holes’ is a story of Stanley who is the main character. He has choices to go to a jail or Green Lake Camp. It is a juvenile detention camp for a crime. He is sent to the camp for the crime of stealing the shoes of a famous baseball player, Clyde Livingston. A crime that he did not commit. There are other boys, who are sent for their crime unlike Stanley. Zero who cannot read literates are being closer to Stanley. Stanley starts to feel a friendship with him. A series of dramatic incidents in 'Holes' leads to a strong friendship between Zero and Stanley.

The first incident that cements their friendship is when Stanley steals the water truck to look for for Zero. Zero smashed a spade into Mr. Pendanski’s face and ran away from the
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They meet each other in the middle of the desert. Stanley tries to convince Zero to go back to the camp, but Zero does not want it. Stanley respects his opinion, and decides to go to the mountain instead of going back to the camp. However, Zero starts to vomit and have a serious stomach because of spoolshes, where are under the boat. He is almost dying, and is not sure he would be alive. Stanley takes him on his back. He has never give up carrying Zero while he climbs the mountain. We could see the friendship between Stanley and Zero become stronger.

The last situation that create the indelible friendship is when Stanley refuses to leave the camp without his best friend, Zero. Stanley's lawyer helps Stanley to go back to home. He is extremely tired. He has experienced lots of situations that may kill him. His body and mental almost reaches the limitation. Nevertheless, he worries that Zero will remain in the camp. His refusal shows the indelible, inseparable, and nonshearable friendship with Zero.

The three, dramatic incidents show the developing their friendship. Stanley makes the bold decision for Zero, climbs the mountain together, and stubbornly refuses to leave the camp without him. Stanley, who did not have a friendship before he came to the camp, he got the friendship means the world to
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