Assessment 2b Travel Diary

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Assessment 2b: Travel diary

My journey from my home to the University of Wollongong.
As I begin to venture along the lake I am presented with a wonderful scenery of bright blue waters and open. As I merge onto the main road I am faced with ‘peak hour’ traffic which instantly changes the way I feel. I eventually merge onto the highway with a split second opening, I know my journey is almost over. Stuck in northbound traffic, with nothing to look at besides concrete walls and the back and sides of surrounding vehicles. Cars all jammed together like sardines, barely moving with the constant traffic. I park one shuttle stop away from UOW due to the lack of car parking and I catch the free shuttle over. 5 minutes extra on top of my 30-minute
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In relation to my journey I believe that comfort plays a huge role in the way I travel to UOW. When I am in the comfort of my own car, I feel safe and secure, as opposed to how I feel cramped like a sardine in a can on the free shuttle bus which is always overpopulated. If the access to parking was more accessible to me, in my personal opinion I would drive to University every day.

Larsen, Urry, and Axhausen (2008) explores the simultaneous presence of individuals in the same physical location, not necessarily engaged in face to face interaction with each other. For example, catching the free shuttle at the same time everyday, you tend to run into the same people, either going to university, work, or other everyday commitments. Even though I may not know these individuals personally, I am given a level of comfort knowing that the faces I am seeing are familiar.

Larsen, Urry and Axhausen (2008) suggest that clock time creates a punctual integration between all activities and creates a mutual relationship into a stable and impersonal time schedule. In my experience the clock time in my journey of knowing the peak hour for traffic on the road allows me to create a functional schedule in which I leave the house the same time everyday, thus having my routine having to be punctual, rational and
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