Assessment For Learning Essay

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Assessment for Learning Align assessment with the constructive, student-centred learning models. For instance, self and peer assessment. Formative assessments must connect the teacher–student communication in learning and providing instruction. There is a requirement of timely and understandable feedback in order to better lead the students in future learning. (Carless 2005). For summative assessment, in order for teachers to achieve a greater picture of students’ achievement, both content knowledge and various skills are important to be measured in multiple ways. On the other hand, a hierarchical assessment structure with clear result statements may ensure the reliability and validity of the assessment. For instance, in the research conducted by Marx et al (2004), the science process and content knowledge skill are checked using three cognitive levels: lower level (recall and comprehension), middle level (drawing and understanding relationships,…show more content…
Grisham-Brown, Hallam and Brookshire (2006) discussed some important practices of effective assessment for younger children: “authentic assessment practices”, “linkage between assessment and curriculum development” and “alignment of assessment with standards”.. The “Work Sample System” is one good example to support the authentic performance-oriented assessment suitable for K-5 classrooms. It can be efficiently implemented at pre-school up to elementary levels. Authentic assessment requires to be criterion-referenced and introduced in the curriculum (Meisels 1997). The documentation process could be more systematize, easier implementation of the assessments and the data will become more explicit if technology will be
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