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Final Assignment: Case Study Assessment Center MBA-International Trade Prepared By: Muhammad Waqas Azeem Matrikel Nr.4060330 Professor: Dr. M. Holz Bernburg 30 June 2015 June 30, 2015 Prof. Dr Markus Holz MBA-International Trade, Hochschule Anhalt. Dear Sir, It gives me great pleasure to submit this final assignment of assessment center as a part of the course Leadership and Organizational Behaviour. This report covered all the answer of all the question regarding assessment center. I sincerely hope that this assignment meets your kind approval and consideration. If you have any queries I would like to provide immediately. Sincerely, Muhammad Waqas Azeem Matrikel Nummer: 4060330…show more content…
Assessment centers provide individual specific feedback that helps candidates understand their own strengths and weaknesses. This allows planning of individual career paths focusing on employee core competencies, and also allowing for framing of individual training and development plans to overcome the weaknesses. Many organizations such as the Ohio State University and others use assessment centers to identify and evaluate supervisory, managerial, and leadership capabilities of the staff. The use of assessment centers has enabled employees to make greater use of planning tools, strengthen their listening skills, become more open minded and proactive, and use technology better. It has helped organizations increase goal setting, build stronger teams, increase sensitivity, and recognize the employee’s contributions in a better way. Assessment centers are also an excellent method for establishing the validity and effectiveness of standard training programs. Organizations such as SOHIO, Lukens Steel, AT&T, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority, and others have used assessment center technology to evaluate training…show more content…
Misbehave or disrespect of the assessment center person consider as killing factor and this lead to a negative point. Lack of Understanding: Lack of understanding is also consider as a killing factor. During assessing process, asking again and again question or the lack of understanding the question by the candidates may also lead to the negative point. Lack of Proper Dressing: Dressing of the candidates is another important factor during assessing the candidates. proper dressing like pent, dress shirt and tie have good impression but without formal dressing also likely consider killing factor and can reduce the point during assessing by the assessment center. No Interest About Our Company: The candidates should know about company basic information and its value. if candidates do not know about company cornerstone this give the feelings to the assessor that candidates do not have interest in our company. This could also lead to the negative marking by the assessment center. Language: Language is another important killing factor as candidate selection is based on U.K branch. So full grip on English is required for the U.K base branch. Lack of English is strongly consider killing factor during the

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