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Abstract: Feedback is one of the crucial element of learning and achievement, but its outcome can be either positive or negative. Drawing on findings from program on implementation (POI) feedback forms of NABH, this paper reveals the extent to which effectiveness can be accurately measured and challenges many of the aspects and beliefs about feedback practices. The paper argues that the participants is in the best position to judge the effectiveness of feedback, but may not always recognize the benefits it provides. This article provides in depth analysis of feedback and reviews the evidence related to its impact on learning, improvement and achievement. It is advent that although feedback is among the major influences, the type of feedback and the way it is given can be differentially effective. A model of…show more content…
It is a generic term which disguises multiple purposes which are often not explicitly acknowledged. Feedback as a strong external stimulus providing positive or negative reinforcement to behavior. Correction is a key component of the traditional definition of feedback where the role of feedback is to ‘put things right’ by taking a corrective action. Feedback must include identification of errors or misunderstanding, but highlights the role of diagnosing problems with the feedback analysis. This links with the benchmarking role where feedback identifies a gap between what is understood/has been demonstrated and the standard of performance expected. The extent to which feedback can help to fill that gap rather than merely identify it may depend on the nature of the gap. ‘More’ feedback does not always equal ‘more’ learning. With a content focus, the faculty may be acting as an expert providing further ‘knowledge’, whereas with a facilitation focus, the feedback is more likely to be concerned with development of the meta-cognitive skills and the learning

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