Assessment In Early Childhood Education

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Every day in early childhood education a lot of new teachers struggle with making test for their students. Whether it is not putting the correct information or wording it a way the students do not understand, it is challenging for some new and old teachers to make an accurate test. For a student to be able to take a test the teacher needs to prepare them for it by teaching a lesson or an activity. What some teachers do is they make sure all students are able to succeed and to make this happen teachers do lessons for the students who like to take notes and students who like to do performance base activities. With the information given in class as the teacher he/she should use that on the test. To make sure the questions for the test are accurate…show more content…
The students taking the test really benefitting from it. For example, " It helps educators become aware of children’s strengths and areas of their learning and development in which they may require further support and nurturing" (McLachlan). McLachlan is trying to explain with assessments given to the students it gives the teacher the opportunity to see each child 's strengths and each child 's weaknesses. Assessments tell the teacher what the teacher needs to work on again and what they do not need to work on. This is valuable for both the teacher and child because both are setting goals and developing the brain by the student is gaining more knowledge and getting tested to see how well they contained the material. For teachers they are learning different ways to have assessments that are valuable for each student in the class because not all students do well on standardized test some do well on performance-based assessments. Also, it helps the teacher see if they need to change the lesson around for the students who struggle on a certain topic on a…show more content…
Another quote is " Assessment has several important purposes, including informing how teachers plan learning experiences, identifying areas of learning and development where children may need support or extension, to make valued learning visible, and integrating learning with curriculum and program provision" (Mclachlan). The author is making clear with assessments it is helping everyone because there is a major meaning to having them. It shows the way teachers communicate planned learning experiences to prepare for test. To represent how the teacher prepares the students to learn the components that are going to be on the test. Like stated before, it gives the teacher to see where the students ' strong points are or where their weaknesses are and need to work on that specific topic. When having assessments as the teacher it helps them know where their students are at with the lesson and it makes the students know that learning is an important concept in school. By students realizing this it makes them take school seriously and want to do well in class. If the students, see the teacher caring about them and working with them they will be more willing to take their studies thoughtfully and if the students still do not understand they know the teacher will be willing to

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