Assessment Reflection

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This course is useful to me in many ways. As a beginning teacher, it helped me to gain information about assessment where I can use it to nurture students life-long learning skills. In this course I had a deep understanding about the purpose, criteria and ways of assessment. It gave me a wide range of opportunity to explore, in depth, ideas and research about assessment. Second important thing that I learnt is how to craft a proper assessment task (traditional assessment). Assessment might be vary for different level or ability of students. It is the responsibility of a teacher to find out how to bring out the best in every child by designing a reliable assessment task. Third important thing that I learnt is how to analyze and interpretate…show more content…
It is a process of gathering and interpreting evidence to make judgments about student learning. It can be used to practice, plan curriculum, and to reflect on teachers teaching method. It also help us to provide information to parents, children and also administrators. Different ways of assessment are being used to allow the teacher to decide which instructional strategies are essential and which need to be changed. Formative, summative, traditional, alternate are ways of assessment. Research shows that it is important to use multiple assessments to test a students ability, Walt Honey, 1991, quoted in Assessment as Learning by Lorna Earl, 2003). Conventional and alternative assessment task are the two main domain of assessment types. Conventional which is also known as traditional assessment is a component of summative assessment which will be tested to provide final feedback to stakeholders about learners achievement. It also help teachers to assign grades and determine learner's current ability. Alternate assessment will enable students to sharpen their 21st century skill which include critical thinking, creative thinking and as well as problem…show more content…
This systematic scoring system will ease and minimalize teacher time and enable them to fix areas for improvement in future. It help them to identify the root of the problem (particular question-difficulty rate).As I am going to be a teacher, It is important for me to learn how to analyze and interpretate the scoring systems as it will allow me to identify areas in the curriculum that are need to be improved as well as to eliminate ambiguous or misleading test

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