Resistance In Assi Bielski's 'Violence Of Hope'

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Jew’s Rebellion Six million Jews in Europe dead in just a short period of four years. How is it possible that so many died so quickly? Did anyone try to stop the Nazi’s when they were commiting such crimes. Jews should arm themselves and train to combat Nazi tyranny. In the “Resistance During the Holocaust”, it describes how the Jews actively resisted with uprising in camps, Partisans, and rescuers. People can best respond to conflict by fighting by active resistance because to avoid later shame, show defiance, and die in your own way. When the war is over why should you live the rest of your life in shame, guilt, and humiliation? In the “Violence of Hope” Assi Bielski’s “father was a Jewish resistance fighter” (14). Her family happily talks about the war with no humiliation as she goes on saying, “it’s the number tattooed on your arm that is a constant reminder of the humiliation. For us, there was none of it” (16). Why…show more content…
Are you just going to live the rest of your life in misery doing what the Nazi’s tell you to do? Throughout Nazi rule prisoners had to obey the soldiers in concentration camps. But that doesn’t mean you can’t step out of line and show defiance. In the article “Resistance during the Holocaust”, it talks about the resistance in the Extermination Camps and how “a small number of prisoners managed to escape during the struggle” (14). In camps you can rebel in many ways such as not doing what you’re told, staying clean and healthy, or just simply surviving or escaping. On the other hand, opponents argue that you would get killed by doing such actions. The thing is there’s a high possibility you’ll die either way in those camps. So choose how you die and possibly be remembered. In the Revolutionary War the patriots showed defiance to the king by not following his rules. They created their own group and fought for freedom. So if they can do it why can’t the
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