Assigned Residents Reflection

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It’s been 2 weeks since the evening shift started and I honestly enjoy working later in the day. I can observe how residents spend their time and understand more about my assigned residents’ routine in the afternoon and evening.
I definitely felt like I made a lot of improvements in providing a safe care for my assigned residents and cooperating with my teammates and since the start of my clinical practice. I think I am less confused when providing care for the residents because I understand more about their routines. In other words, I am not hesitant in what I have to do and I feel more organized in what kind of tasks I have to complete to care for my assigned residents.
For teamwork, I frequently check up on my teammates to make sure if they need help or not and I also try to communicate a lot with my teammate when we help care for my assigned residents. It is
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At the same time, I was glad to learn and finally perform one of the many tasks that nurses must do. While I was administering a medication to one of my assigned residents, I left her medication with her without my supervision for a second. Now that I thought about what I did, it was something I knew and instructors emphasized that leaving a medication unintended with a client could compromise his or her safety if something worse were to happen. Fortunately, I was able to take away the medications that I left right away before the resident ingested them without my supervision and I guess that was what a near miss situation was like. I read those situations where healthcare professionals had an unplanned event that could almost result in an injury or an illness on textbooks but it felt very scary to realize that I was in that satiation. Not only I was scared, but also I felt a significant responsibility for my unsafe behaviour and I would never want make such mistakes

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